Monday, September 27, 2010

In The Air Tonight Lyrics Video

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Divine Humility



In my years of experience doing spiritual work, I make and concerted effort to remain humble to the evolutionary journey of spirit. Not because I am better but because I have learned better, by experience.

Humility comes before all things in ministry, spiritual work and prophesy.
You can read from intellect, ego and even instinct but then, that is not reading at all.

Native and Indigenous Cultures NEVER asked anything from the Creative Universe without humility, offering and respect.

Reading requires going against your better judgments at times and speaking what Spirit says, specifically.

If it is truly from Spirit, it will not always make sense or be immediately evident. It will however, in time pan out to be true and reality.


It is very easy to appeal to man’s carnal instinct: materialism, classism and greed in their quest to getting what they want.

But just as we must surrender and humble ourselves to properly hear and see, the seeker too must humble themselves and surrender to their ultimate Divine Destiny and Path in all their getting.

Many are taken and lose money in spirituality and religion in their pursuit to getting what they want and at any cost.

When sometimes all you have to do is wait, be patient or confront your own inner limitation to receiving and manifestation.

Often with miraculous results, if you can just get there in humility and grace.

~The Divine Prince Ty Emmecca


I Offer You Divine Peace, Joy and Blessings!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Salif Keita~Dery

Introducing NEW Temple Administrator and Personal Assistant to The Divine Prince!

Introducing NEW Temple Administrator and Personal Assistant to The Divine Prince:
Welcome Temple Administrator Ifa Tumbe!

Nancy Lockhart

Please welcome Our NEW Temple Administrator to the community of The House of the Divine Prince and Hoodoo Central.
In coming days you will see an increase in my posting and online communications due to the invaluable assist of this evolving light being.
So look for her characteristic footprint and signature:
Ifa Tumbe
Ase O!
Maat Obatala