Saturday, January 16, 2010


Divine Peace and Serenity, Strength and Endurance in this time of great calamity and need with and for our family, Friends and Community in Haiti.

They need our Prayers, Support, Activism and Demonstration at this time.

Haiti we love you.

When you've given all the money you can and given all the time, labor and efforts, that you are able, let us not neglect the spiritual charge to keep we have to the continuance of culture, spirit and ancestry and utilize our greatest forces to the maintenance of Spirit and the Deities of Haiti.

Let them not perish among the ruin of buildings and lives, families and generations.

We must actively work against voices who would seek to utilize this time to demonize a people, our people.

The Haitian Revolution lead directly to the Louisiana Purchase and the ever present African, Creole and Voodoo/Hoodoo presence in New Orleans and Louisiana.
And I, for one, will never forget.

I will not forget our cultural and historical connection but also our connection to Spirit and through Spirit. Our connection through tragedy and calamity.

Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans
A calamity by which we too, thought insurmountable.

New Orleans will survive and so too will Haiti, survive but my prayer, hope and aspiration is that we see a better day and not see Louisiana remain the poorest state in America and Haiti the poorest in the world.

If there is a larger message, I believe it would be that we have allowed "the least of My children" to go neglected for so long, save a world shattering calamity.

If post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans is an example, then I have grave concerns about true recovery but am still open to the possibilities.

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