Monday, August 6, 2012

The Fruitful Planter

The Fruitful Planter A smart and fruitful farmer invests in his product right from the seed and the dirt. We take care in choosing the right products to bring forth the most delicious and fruitful bounty. Dirt, fertilizer, water, pest control, location, amount of light, etc. all must be given careful though and preparation in predetermining the outcome of the farmer/planter/gardener investment. Prosperity spiritual work must be addressed with the same care and fervor. Our culture encourages getting the most or the least amount of investment: Paying for Tuna (on the cheap) but expecting caviar. This is not the approach a holistic farmer takes for reaping optimum harvesting reward. The Hoodoo and Obeah know and understand the process of working with Nature and reaping bountiful harvest. An efficient practitioner understands the subtle changes in season and how to gain the most advantageous rewards. We understand the magic and alchemy present in the balance of prosperity in the Elements.

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