Friday, March 26, 2010

Crystal Metaphysics: Celestite

Crystal Metaphysics: Celestite

Celestite Crystal is also known as Celestine and produces clear, white, grey, green, yellow, orange, red-brown crystals. The most common variety often found is blue.

This crystal is considered the gateway to the angelic realms and communications and is a revitalizing, elevating, regenerative, spiritually awakening stone/crystal/mineral.

Celestite also has been known to assist in fluency of communications and languages and is a powerfully useful crystal in dream and mediation interpretation, analysis and recall.

Celestite can elevate the soul and spirit bodies to celestial realms via transcendental meditative and meta-spiritual processes.

Gentle, yet very strong, Celestite is used to open the third eye centers and frequencies to higher octaves, vibrations and dimensions.

Celestite is most effective at the throat and crown chakras and in strengthening psychic abilities as well as mental capacity for inspiration, learning skills and discipline and can almost instantly rebalance those thought to be too grounded or ‘earthbound’.

Celestite originates from a Latin word, caelestis, meaning heavenly and should be handled with care as it a very soft and fragile stone.

Used by Bengali Priest to color flames (produced by the element Strontium) to impress and frighten followers. 


“All is indeed a Blessing IF you can just see beyond the veils; for it is ‘all’ just an illusion and a test, and one of the greatest Divine Mysteries of this life cycle.”
~The Divine Prince

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