Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crystal Metaphysics: Phantom Quartz Crystals

Crystal Metaphysics: Phantom Quartz Crystals

Phantom Quartz Crystal like the rings inside an old strong tree allow us an insight into the time-continuum within the environment and growth of the quartz Crystals and other minerals involved.

Clear Quartz will also display phantoms of various colors and minerals like Ajoite, Amethyst, Chlorite, Hematite and Papagoite to name some commonly found ones.

Quartz of other colors and varieties may also display and contain Phantoms like Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Rutilated and Tourmalinated Quartz.

Phantoms make time access easier but also inter and intradimensional travel and exploration allowing for the examination of past present and future life events and energy patterns that can possess blockages in this life cycle while also opening gateways to future manifestations allowing for the activation of specific conscious programming and projecting to create well defined future realities and manifestation in this life and Earth time plane and existence.

Phantoms will also frequently contain mountains, temples and sacred spaces, Elementals and Entities that can only be accessed via transcendental meditation and astral and out-of-body travel.

Some even believe that past life Light Masters and Crystal Masters left volumes of prerecorded holographic sound/vibrational/visual/audio empathic materials within these structures for our discovery at the time in creation when we would need them and be most able to develop the mental spiritual and light skill ability to access them.

Phantom assist in dealing with past and childhood issues and traumas allowing for the removal, cleansing and purification of blocked energy centers and memories’.

Phantoms can assist Remote Viewers with accessing specific points within any time cycle or continuum and retain the information like Record Keeps for assimilation upon return to this dimensional time space.

“All is indeed a Blessing IF you can just see beyond the veils; for it is ‘all’ just an illusion and a test, and one of the greatest Divine Mysteries of this life cycle.”

~The Divine Prince

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